Sunday, October 5, 2014

Fitting Another Piece In The Puzzle

The slog continues.  Trying to do too much with too little in personal energy reserve, I think.  Sleeping for more than 10 hours last night might be a clue.

How do you find a better balance, though, when life is rushing by you at such a high rate of speed?  It isn't easy.

Today will be spent coming up with a better plan: for the house, for getting school work finished, for getting other things done that are longer term projects, for making time for some family fun where we can...all of it is important, but how do we better get things done without running ourselves into the ground with exhaustion?  That's a question that needs to be answered and soon.

More routine, less wasted time may very well be the answer.  But it sounds a little too much like a regimented Martha Stewart lifestyle, and much less creative and carefree than I might like.  It is what it is, right?

Fitting all the pieces together into a coherent whole in this puzzle is a challenge.  But one I am going to master before this year is out.

(Photo via droetker0912.)

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