Monday, October 6, 2014

Falling For Fall

This weekend marked the true beginning of Fall at our house.  The living room fireplace has officially been lit for the first time this season, and hot tea and cozy blankets have become a staple.

It is officially warm soup and hot cider season at our house.

This past week, we trimmed back the rose bushes, paring back the overgrown canes of summer to keep them from snapping under the weight of ice and snow as winter quickly approaches.  The effect of this trim has been very fun for Sheldon the kitty:  he can now peer downward at the delicious morsels from the highest platform on his kitty perch in front of the sun room windows.  He is up there right now, chattering happily away at a fat dove on the feeder and a flock of fluffed out sparrows in the rose bushes below.

The light this time of year is so beautiful, golden and tilted so that the rays slant at just the right angle to illuminate everything with a hint of perfection.  We have had some rain, and the trees are looking full and ready to pop into a million brilliant hues all at once.

The leaves are calling to me to take a walk today in the open air, drinking in Fall's perfection, and saving up the color for the drab days of winter.  How can I resist?

(Photo via Nick Kenrick.)

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