Sunday, September 28, 2014

Of Ravens and Writing Desks

Having refilled all of the bird feeders yesterday, the birdies are a happy group at our house this morning.  Including a pair of ravens that dropped by to check out what might have been spilled out onto the ground below the new giant feeder.  To get to see a pair of ravens up close was awfully fun, even if it did send Sheldon the kitty into a frenzy because he could not get out to the giant morsels.

Those ravens would have had him for lunch, but hope springs eternal in kitty minds, I suppose.

What is needed here today is a bit of the reset button being pushed:  some straightening, some planning, some work finally getting finished that has needed doing for a while.  At the end of the day, I'd like a bit of a feeling of accomplishment if that is at all possible on a few tasks that I've put off finishing long enough.

At some point this week, my goal is to sit down and work on some fiction.  I've had a book idea bubbling up in my head for weeks now and it needs to begin to spew out onto the page.  

Illustration above is the Mad Hatter and the dormouse from Alice in Wonderland, as illustrated by the brilliant Sir John Tenniel.

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