Monday, June 9, 2014

Clean Sweep

It is the annual "Mom has lost her mind and is making us clean like crazy" day, summer edition.  We are a week past the end of school and are finally done with the dance recital frenzy, so it is time.

The house is cluttered and piled up with various bags filled with dance bits and school papers and various and sundry random things that have been carted into the house and not dealt with in our no time frenzy of the past couple of months.  Having tripped over the water cooler (also a dance weekend remnant) this morning and stubbed my pinkie toe, I have quite simply had it up to here.

Today will be an exhausted frenzy of cleaning everywhere, but we will be all the better for it by the end. 

The key by the end of this, though, is to figure out a better system for some of this stuff and better placement for other bits of it.  I'd like to not have to deal with a cleaning frenzy so frequently - what I would like is to figure out a way to make what we have work in a more efficient and easier to manage way.  What doesn't work or what we don't really use as much any longer will simply have to go.

This house is officially a clear the clutter zone this summer. 

For better or worse, all of the things that got piled up last summer while I was dealing with breast cancer treatment are about to be tackled.  Probably not all at once, but bit by bit over the coming weeks, so that I don't overwhelm myself.

I'm sure The Peanut is really looking forward to this.  Probably as much as I am.  (Mr. ReddHedd is about to escape the first wave of this, having a series of meetings this week, and so won't be home during the prime cleaning frenzy.  Lucky man!)

But we are all going to benefit in a big way by the end of this whole slog.  Boo yah!

(Photo via Chiot's Run.)

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