Monday, June 20, 2011

Under The Sea

Life has gotten away from me the last few days, and I am woefully behind in posting.  We have been at Mr. ReddHedd's firm retreat for the weekend, and before that dropping The Peanut off at grandma's where she will be all of this week for "Art Camp."

Last year, she came home having made several sculptures, paintings, collages, a mobile, prints, you name it.  And loved every minute of it.

This year, I expect she'll return having done something in the style of Vincent van Gogh, who is her current favorite artist ever thanks to Dr. Who. (YouTube)

I have a lot to catch up on here at the house and at the school library. But honestly?  It feels like I'm going to be a bit of a sloth today, as I am achy, tired and not in the mood for an enormous amount of exertion today.

This is what comes from drinking into the wee hours with lawyers you haven't seen in ages and basically acting as though you are still in your 20s by staying up all hours dancing the night away for an entire weekend.  The dancing was awfully fun, though, as was the chitchat, so there will be no complaints from me about the achy payment on the other side for a couple of days.

But the morning could have been better without my crazy coffee mishap, that's for sure.

I started things off this morning having left the coffee pot askew when I started the brew, and had to clean up a flood (and I do mean a FLOOD) on my kitchen countertop first thing.  And while I was cleaning up, our westie had an accident on the floor -- she was trying to tell me she needed to go to the yard, but I was furiously damming up rampant coffee and swooping up running grounds and missed the signal, which resulted in my having to pick up poop before I stepped in it carrying coffee mess to the trash can.

That truly would have been the stinky cherry on an already irritating morning, wouldn't it?

And the coffee liquid and grounds went everywhere.  I ended up throwing away half a box of those tiny sugar dots because the box got wet and the cubes all got soaked about three layers up before I could get them into a new container.  It was a drippy, oozy mess, and took me half a roll of paper towels to contain.  I swear, it was like a scene from "The Three Stooges Brew Coffee" in my kitchen.

After that, there's really nowhere to go but up for the rest of the day, is there?

It's a bit drizzly outside, and if it stays this way, will be perfect weather for a bit of weeding in all my flower beds.  Or maybe I'll just stay inside and putter the day away watching English period films or nature shows about the ocean.  Honestly, life's too short to spend it fighting with irritating thistles, isn't it?

(Glorious undersea photo of corals via JennyHuang.)


Christy Hardin Smith said...

Oh, thank goodness. The second pot of coffee has now brewed without a hitch. Sheeesh, what a morning already...

Beth said...

So good to see you this weekend - it has been far too long! We must spend some time together on one of my trips to Bridgeport. Loves seeing you and Bill again.

Christy Hardin Smith said...

Beth, it was awesome to get time to catch up with you! Maybe we can grab some lunch or dinner or something next time you are up this way?

HotFlash said...

Mme ReddHedd, thank you for everything, and parise be, the coffee is fixed. Have a wonderful day -- a day full of wonders.