Thursday, March 3, 2011

Walking On Sunshine

It is gorgeous here today -- the sun is beaming in a bright blue sky, and The Peanut and I spotted a robin this morning on our way to school which has made for a very cheery start to my morning.

Better yet, green shoots from my perennials and spring bulbs are popping up all over my flower beds.

Like the crabby Mary who is reborn in her Secret Garden at Mistlethwaite Manor, I'm feeling a bit more "wick" at the thought of Spring myself. 

It's been a long, snow-covered, bitter winter here this year -- one that likely has at least one more storm left in it, frankly. 

But today?  I'm going outside to play.  Or at least to take a drive and soak in the view for a while.

It's a walking on sunshine (YouTube) kind of day, and I intend to drink it in before the sky grays back up again.

(Lovely photo via catchthefuture.  Kayaking on the open sea in the sunshine sounds lovely today, doesn't it? At least it does to me -- I've always wanted to try it. This picture just said fun to me.  Clearly, I need some outdoors time today, eh?)

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