Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Seeking Balance

UPDATE:  And then the universe piles on:  The Peanut had to come home early from school.  She's running a fever and has a very sore throat, and will likely be going to the doctor tomorrow if this keeps going.

In case anyone is listening at Universe HQ:  I'm still not giving up, so you can stop piling on now, thanks.

Lately, it has been a real struggle to find some balance in my day to day.

As I've started going back through The Artist's Way in preparation for my seminar trip next month?  It really feels as though obstacles, distractions and outright irritants are springing out of the woodwork to pull me away from what I'm trying to do.

And today?  It is on my last nerve.

Because it is already Wednesday and I've made no real progress on this week's exercises, there are more things to do today and tomorrow above and beyond whatever I might like to be doing with Artist's Way, I have no idea when I'm going to be able to fit an Artist's Date in this week if at all, and I'm feeling like an utter failure.  Why, you ask?  Because this week's exercises are all about finding and setting boundaries for yourself to make sure you have the space to do your creative work.  Not exactly making progress on that front this week, let me tell you.


Isn't it weird how sometimes when you throw a desire to really make something work out into the universe, the answer you get back is more obstacles to test your resolve?

That's sure the way it feels today, anyway, and I'm struggling with how to do better going forward when life keeps pitching one thing after another into my path.  How can you possibly get to "self care" and "boundaries for your own creative nurturing" when you can't even find yourself in all the ruckus?  It's a conundrum, and one that I know moms everywhere face every day.

So I'm throwing this out to all of you:  how do you do it?  Do tell, because I could use both a pep talk and some new ideas this the worst possible way.

(Great photo illustration of "off-balance" via Digitalnative.  Love this shot!)

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