Thursday, February 17, 2011

Baby Steps On The Creative Path: The Artist's Way

Julia Cameron talking about "Artist's Dates" in the Tarcher Talks series of interviews with her from Penguin publishing. 

I mentioned earlier that I'm planning on attending a workshop with Julia Cameron on creativity in March.  I've tried many times to get all the way through The Artist's Way, but generally get hung up around week 6 or so and never quite get all the way through -- either life gets in the way or I uncover something particularly difficult and I find a way to have life get in the way from going any further.

Not this time.

In preparation for the weekend series of talks, I've already begun my own Artist's Way journey ... again... and will hit the week where I usually start to get stuck at about the time I go to the seminar.

I'm hoping meeting Julia Cameron in person, talking and working with her and with the others at the seminar will be just the catalyst I need to push forward, because I am frankly very, very tired of getting in my own way.

It will, hopefully, be like one great big, extended and rewarding Artist's Date.  Interspersed with some yoga and healthy meals and all the self-care on a day to day basis that I am horrible about doing consciously and consistently.  I'm stepping way outside my comfort zone with this one -- especially stopping my usually hermit-y ways to spend a big chunk of time with a whole group of strangers all at once -- in what I hope will be a shock to my system in a really good and healthy way.

Here's hoping, anyway.

The retreat/seminar will be held at the Kripalu Center in Stockbridge, MA, a place I've always wanted to visit but never quite gotten to through the years.  It's near where I attended Smith College, and I've always heard wonderful things about their programs and especially their incredibly healthy nutritional meals and teachings on dietary planning for long-term health, so it's a doubly exciting trip for me as a result.

If nothing else, I'll probably come home with some wonderful nutrition information, if the recipes on the Kripalu website are any indication.  They look incredibly tasty and nutritious.

But I'm hoping for a lot more than that.  I'm trying to start with some baby steps that build to much larger ones going forward.

For now?  I'm off on my own Artist's Date today, my first one in ages which tells you how bad I am at nurturing this in myself, doesn't it?  I'm really looking forward to it.

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