Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday Clear The Clutter Club Check-In

It's been quite a busy week here at Chez Smith, but we've managed to weather it with only a minimum of craziness.  And we actually kept our healthier momentum going despite all the running around, which was a nice change since we generally revert to whatever we can grab to eat when things get too busy.

Note to self:  only keeping healthier options at home limits the bad food grab possibilities.

As of this morning, I am down another pound, which brings my grand total thus far to 10 whole pounds.  Even with the Superbowl nachos and brownie from yesterday evening.  Yay!

Next step? Add in some exercise.

The clutter control continues here as well -- I'm hoping to have the entire downstairs by the end of the week.  Again...yay!

On the writing front?  I have some exciting news.  Or at least, it's exciting for me anyway.  I've registered for a retreat weekend in March, for a workshop led by Julia Cameron. I'm excited, and am hoping that this is the kick in the pants I need to get beyond this fear-filled block to completing my novel.  If nothing else, I'm feeling a lot more energized and excited and that's truly half the battle for me.

So, that's my week.  How was yours?  Do tell...

(Nice light at the end of the tunnel, eh?  Photo via Skip Cooper -aka powman, aka Rev. Stephen Cooper.)

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Anonymous said...

Awesome, that’s exactly what I was scanning for! You just spared me alot of searching around