Sunday, February 6, 2011

Superbowl And Froggy Sunday

What, you may ask, have frogs and the Superbowl got in common at our house today?

The Peanut has a report due tomorrow on frogs.  Quite honestly, it has literally been frog central at our house for the last 6 days -- she's been dedicated to researching and printing out pictures and information.  Especially about poison dart frogs, because she has become a little bit obsessed with them and their glorious colors.

Thank you National Geographic website -- you have made a 7 year old girl really, really happy with your scientific awesomeness.

So this morning?  We're spending our time cutting, gluing and generally trying to keep the doggies off the project while The Peanut fine tunes everything with momma's supply of stick-on scrapbooking letters and numbers.  (Yay mom!  I knew that pile of leftover scrapbooking stuff would come in handy eventually!) 

As always, it really is a fine line between helping with a project and doing way too much of it for our child -- we're trying to stay well on the side of her doing it for herself, but at 7 she sometimes needs help with glue and spelling...but I'm always asking myself if I'm staying enough on the "your project not mine" side of the line and trying to make sure she's doing things and not me.  Which, I guess, means I'm probably okay, right?  How can you ever know?

Anyway, after the frog poster and facts have been completed?  I'll be throwing together some yummy munchies for the Superbowl.  (Lots of recipe ideas can be found here.)  Go Steelers!

Hope your Sunday is as fun as ours...

(Photo via DC Smith.)

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