Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Being A Grown-Up Is Hard Work Sometimes

There's just something fun about Dr. Seuss characters singing about cleaning.

Makes the whole "chore day" thing for me today seem slightly more enjoyable. But only slightly.

We got some snow and ice last night that resulted in a 2-hour delay this morning, and I'm now scrambling to get things on my "to do" list started for today.  Time to pop my iPod workout music on and dance around the house to get a few things accomplished before school pick-up time, I suppose.

So why does it feel like my life is an endless series of repetitive tasks and so much less of an adventure?  Being a grown-up is hard work sometimes.


Anonymous said...

At times like that, I remind myself of Thich Nhat Hanh writing of washing the dishes mindfully. Let each moment expand as one lives in it, not in the next, undone task.

The other thing I do is to channel my mother (now gone for four years). Then I feel a companion in my tasks. Yesterday, on my walk, I passed an older woman getting ready to weed her overgrown garden by the footpath (I'm in New Zealand and it is summer here). I stopped and weeded with her for about half an hour (no, I didn't know her before this). It was something my mother would have done. I didn't need that half hour for something else (my youngest is 20 and half a world away) and something mundane seemed charged with my mother's presence.

Christy Hardin Smith said...

That is excellent advice. I spent an hour or so clearing off kitchen counters and our kitchen table today, but did so while I was playing some seriously fun music and dancing around but still trying to be very conscious not just of what was there, but how to better manage things so that we didn't end up with the piles on the flat surfaces next time. Being so conscious as I was doing everything made a huge difference in problem solving for me today. :)