Monday, December 6, 2010

Snow Day

It's a snow day here today.

Mercifully, we still have some snickerdoodle dough in the fridge to bake, and several crafty things that I've stocked away in the craft closet for snow days.  I pick up little craft projects for days like this -- right now we have some little ceramic figurines to paint and a couple of new coloring books to pull out of my mom hat.

I just didn't think we'd get to those already this year.

The roads look nasty this morning.  Sure glad I don't need to be driving on them.

When it gets a little lighter outside, maybe we'll go for a walk and snap a few shots in our neighborhood.  It is cold enough this morning that the birdies are already visiting the feeder....brrrrrrr.

Somehow, I sense we'll be snuggling under a blanket, watching movies and playing games today.  I love a snow day.

(Photo via katmere.)

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Toni said...

Sounds wonderful!