Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Prayer For Grace

UPDATE:  Elizabeth passed away this morning.  Such a loss to her family and friends, so many of whom that I know grew so close to her on the campaign trail and working on poverty and education issues.  Her strong voice on those issues will be sorely missed, but her loving touch as a mother will likely be missed most of all.  My heart goes out to her children...

Thoughts and prayers go out to Elizabeth Edwards, and to her friends and family.

She has been such a light with so much grace through difficulties and challenges that might have crushed a lesser person.  I wish her peace and lots of laughter in coming days, and love to surround her and her family in the weeks to come.

(Youtube is Sting singing Fragile. Fit my mood.)


diablesseblu said...

Thanks for posting this Christy. Am simply bereft.

I knew she was not doing well in recent months. It is truly a blessing E. was able to travel last summer with the family to show them her beloved Japan.

She leaves many happy, inspiring memories....of a woman truly full of grace.

Christy Hardin Smith said...

My heart just aches for the kids. Having gone through our own family loss so recently, I know how painful this road can be for the children. They have had time to come to some terms with Elizabeth's illness, certainly -- but nothing can fully prepare anyone for the immediate shock of the loss, you know?

Her compassionate voice is going to be so sorely missed on kitchen table issues, too. Such a light to lose...for all of us.