Thursday, December 16, 2010

School Christmas Party Day...And More Snow

Today is the class Christmas party at The Peanut's school, and I've got a box full of decorations and games and a craft to take over because I'm helping organize them this year.

And what is it doing outside, you ask?

Pouring the snow down, so quickly the local snow plow folks are having trouble keeping up this morning.

It has that "early dismissal" feel to things today. 

So a few parents are going over early to make certain that the large stockings we got for their treat bags get filled with some goodies that they can at least take home with them today.  Just in case.

Seems like we are dealing with a lot of snow "just in case" maneuvers this year.  And for us?  This is awfully early to have to think about it -- we don't generally get hammered like this until mid-January, spending most of December in the mid- to upper-30's.

Crazy weather continues here.  The good news, though?

I got all my wrapping done yesterday.

Which is akin to a minor miracle in this house, considering I thought I'd lost a present that I'd ordered in October and tucked away.  It was right in front of me the whole time, but I wasted an hour combing through the closets and our Christmas storage area trying to find it anyway.  Doh!  Don't you hate it when you do that?

I also put together the doll bunk beds for The Peanut's American Girl doll and they are absolutely adorable!  The little attached closet is the perfect size, and I hung up a couple of new outfits with some extra hangers as well.

We are mostly go for Christmas morning.  Huzzah!

Which, of course, means that our house will catch on fire or some other dire circumstance will occur, right?  I cannot possibly be this organized this year and get away with it.  Can I?

(Photo via Vanessa Pike-Russell.  Love the festive colors in this!)

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Christy Hardin Smith said...

Wow -- it is still pouring the snow down here this morning. Having a moment of gratitude that I got all my bird feeders refilled yesterday. And so are our birdies...