Saturday, October 3, 2015

Autumn Leaves

A little Miles Davis to brighten a chilly, rainy day at our house. "Autumn Leaves" was made for Miles to play -- love this.  Have been on a jazz kick lately, listening to a lot of the classic stuff.  But I'm always on the look-out for some new talent or performances.  If you have a new fave, please share it in the comments.

As chilly as it is this morning, and dreary, wet and gray besides, this is definitely a day for staying indoors and under a cozy blanket.  It certainly feels like the sort of day when the fireplace gets lit, and we hang around in the glow staying warm and sheltered.

Today, I am grateful for our cozy little house, and my loving little family, and all of our many blessings.

The leaves outside our windows have begun to turn, and it certainly feels like Fall is in full swing here today.  It feels like a great day to make some hot apple cider and maybe take a nap, if I can make that happen at some point in between drives back and forth to cheer practice for The Peanut.

Here's hoping...

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