Monday, September 28, 2015

Planning for the Fall: Snow Day Cupboards

We woke up to a day of pouring rain and cool temperatures...and a broken heater in the house.  I'd rather it would happen now instead of after the snow starts to fall, but Autumn has definitely arrived at our house today.

This year has whizzed by so quickly, and continues to move at an insanely rapid pace.

While I can't predict what kind of winter we'll end up having this year, I do know that there are a few snow days in our future.  There always are in this land of icy, treacherous roads and skittish school board folks, so I like to be prepared in advance with a few things on hand as snow day surprises for The Peanut.

Each year, I find some little bits of things and put them away in our hall closet and in the craft cupboard, so we have something new to do on a snow day.  This year, I've found some wonderful "grown-up" coloring books for us to enjoy -- the recent trend of coloring books for stress relief for adults has really extended our coloring enjoyment, and there are some wonderful ones for our soon-to-be-teen that should be really fun for her.  For example:

- Creative Haven Manga Coloring Book
- Creative Haven Creative Cats Coloring Book
- Creative Haven Steampunk Fashions Coloring Book
- Creative Haven SeaScapes Coloring Book
- Adult Coloring Book: Magic Christmas : for Relaxation Meditation Blessing

We always keep a supply of markers, crayons and colored pencils on hand, so these are really fun to do while we sit and watch a movie or listen to music by the fireplace.  We also keep a supply of games and puzzles at the ready for the same reason.  This past post on our Rainy Day Cupboard gives you some more ideas on what you can stock up on for younger kiddos -- thank you to Sarah Ban Breathnach's "Mrs. Sharp's Traditions" for the idea!).

Just a thought, because winter is coming -- whether we like it or not.  Today's cold rain brings that thought home to me this morning in a big way, and being prepared makes a snow day all the more pleasant.

(Photo via Preconscious Eye.)

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