Monday, September 14, 2015

Waking Up To Fall

This morning dawned crisp, cool and clear, with the light slanting in just that slightly altered way that lets you know that Fall is knocking at the door.  The leaves have not quite begun to turn, but the feel in the air definitely says that cooler days are coming.

Warm up the fireplaces, gang, there are colder days ahead.

This is my favorite time of year, and not just because I am an October baby.  Crisp mornings, hot cider, beautiful leaf color, less sweat...what's not to love?

This week marks the beginning of my perennial trim back season.  Need to get all of my yard whipped into napping shape before the first winter storms begin to roll in and blanket the neighborhood with ice and snow.  Every year I think that I should have a better system for all of this, but it keeps getting done in a sort of piecemeal way, as I can grapple for time against every other competing "to do" on my ever-growing list.

This morning, though, what I'm hearing is "slow down and enjoy it more."

This Fall, I want to savor the change in the weather just a little bit more instead of rushing right through it.  After the multiple bouts with cancer the last few years, all the rushing around has lost its allure, and what I really want is to stop and smell the last of the summer roses while I still can.

The trick is figuring out how to do it while still getting things done.

We had a wonderful weekend together as a family:  went to see the divine Diana Ross in concert in Pittsburgh (she completely rocked!) and then went to an afternoon Pirate game the next day (awesome seats, even more awesome seeing the Pirates come from behind and win!).  Life is good here, and I hope that it is good where you are, too.

Go out and find something to enjoy today -- you'll be glad you did.

(Photo via Ian Sane.  Love the richness of the color in this shot!)

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