Thursday, September 17, 2015

Please Vote For Andrew McCutcheon for the Clemente Award

Andrew McCutcheon has been nominated for this year's Roberto Clemente Award.  Please take a moment and cast a well-deserved vote for Andrew McCutcheon for this award.

The Clemente award honors the player who best exemplifies the true spirit of what baseball ought to be -- good sportsmanship, the player's individual contribution to their team with their own skills and talents, but also their work off the field in the communities in which they live and play.

Each team in Major League Baseball gets to select one member for their team nomination, and the Pirates picked Andrew McCutcheon.

It is such an honor to get nominated for this, and I'm sure he's very proud.   But he absolutely deserves it for all of the work that he has done with at risk kids and Make-A-Wish kids and every kind of kid in between from the time he got into the minor leagues and all the way through.

I have lost count of the number of times I've read about, heard about or seen stories about Andrew McCutcheon's work with at risk and Make-A-Wish kids from all over the country. He is amazing with these kids, and really puts his heart into this work.

The above video is just one of so many times.  Just look at the smiles and laughs with this kid...and then multiply it by the hundreds more that he works with every single year. The man is a class act on the field, but even more so off the field.

Please take a couple of minutes to give Andrew McCutcheon a well-deserved vote.  Thanks, gang!

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