Friday, October 31, 2014

Game Of Thrones Redux

Love this interview segment with George R. R. Martin. His giggle is infectious, and his love of his written material is apparent every time you engage him about it. Every single time.

I have met George a couple of times at Worldcons -- the science fiction and fantasy uber-conventions that are held every year in a different location around the globe.  Every conversation with him has been a delight, and filled with little nuggets about the craft of writing and the joy that he takes in putting his worlds together.

In 2002, I interviewed George for 3SF magazine.  He was just as wonderful on the phone as he is in person, and we both mutually agreed that Tyrion may be the best character he has ever done.

So fun to hear his giggle with Amy Poehler all over again.  Sometimes, you just hear something that takes you right back.  Enjoy!

(On that note, I really need to get to a science fiction and fantasy convention again.  Am missing that milieu like crazy after watching this!)

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