Saturday, June 14, 2014

Resisting Gravity

Sara Bareilles, singing her fabulous song, Gravity. Love, love, love this!

It is the perfect morning: the 10K run just went by, with the Kenyan runners outpacing everyone with their fluid gate once again, flashing by our house without missing a single stride over two laps of the course. It amazes me to watch them run each and every year.

And each and every year, I vow to myself that I will be in better shape by the time that next year's race rolls around.  Will this year be the one where that finally happens?

I would certainly love that to be true.  But I also know that falling back into old, not-so-great habits is all too easy for me.

While I have been doing better in terms of dietary choices and getting more steps on a day to day basis, it isn't nearly enough to overcome the muscle loss from last summer's force chemo inactivity.  I need to pick up my own pace and push myself harder for my own sake.

How do you get your mind in that gear?  How do you push past the layers of doubt and inertia and exhaustion?

The Nike slogan, "just do it," rings loudly in my head.  It has to be as simple as making the better choice, each and every day.  So why do I struggle with making it?

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