Friday, June 13, 2014

More Sanity, Less Clutter

Am happy to say that we've made a lot of progress this week on straightening things up around the house.  Still quite a bit to do, but it has begun to feel a lot more like sanity instead of chaos.

I've missed that feeling. 

Under the circumstances, given the breast cancer diagnosis and all the travel for work and the surprise full time teaching on the back end of treatment and everything else, it could not be helped.  But that doesn't mean it wasn't bugging me every single day, so making headway was really important as this summer got underway.

It is so funny how much of the outward appearance of things -- your house, your clothing choices, your demeanor -- reflects what is going on with you internally.  That's not always the case: we all know the immaculately dressed person whose life is turmoil and chaos and a sham, but you'd never know it from the outside. 

For me, though, you can tell where things are for me by how much of a mess my house is pretty much any given week.   Judging by how much digging it has taken to straighten things up to a more decent baseline, the answer is that things were insanely busy and exhausting for everyone in the house for weeks on end this past year.  Believe me, it was showing, too.

Am hoping we can do better going forward, now that things have become a little more sane at Chez Smith.  If nothing else, we've gotten several drawers cleaned out and I am about to tackle a closet or two today, once I finish with the kitchen, so someone should be getting a clothing donation this weekend.

It's the little things.

(Photo of kitty in a dustpan via Dan Coulter.)

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