Sunday, January 5, 2014

Home Again, Hooray!

The drive was a long one yesterday, but we happily made it home from the beach, much to the delight of our westie.

Mr. ReddHedd was home last week -- work made it impossible for him to get away.  It seems when The Peanut and I left the house, Roxie spent the rest of the week searching for us under bed pillows and behind cabinet doors.  She is very glad that we are home, and sticking to all of us like glue.

In fact, she is on my lap as I type this morning, happily trying to block my access to the keyboard in order to glean more belly scratches instead.

Sorting through all the vacation photos is going to take a little time, but it has begun.  The above giraffe shot was taken on the Wanyama Safari that we did at Animal Kingdom Lodge.  There will be much more about this experience to come, but let me just say this:  it was the most amazing thing we have ever done at Disney World and we all just loved it.

So there you have it:  wonderfully relaxing trips all the way around, and I am feeling so much more rested and relaxed and even ready to begin to tackle some things that have needed more energy than I could previously have mustered.

Travel, as always, is wonderful and fun and an adventure finding new things to learn and amuse, but it is always, always wonderful to come back home again.

Now, pardon me while I scoot the furry beast off my lap, let out a contented sigh and head to the kitchen for another cuppa coffee.  It's good to be home...

(Photo by Christy Hardin Smith.)

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