Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Fighting Off Cabin Fever: Snow Day Ideas

It has warmed up from -9 to -3 here this morning.  Brrrrrrrrrrrrr.

You'll forgive me if I don't start digging out the beach wear just yet.  It is so cold that even the pooch doesn't want to stay out and romp in the snow for long, and that never happens. 

Thought the picture above spoke of sunny days in faraway summers.  Don't know about everyone else, but I could use a warm, balmy breeze.

It is another day off school today, and that dull cabin fever feeling has begun to set in at our house.  It is time to break out the momma ammunition, and I thought others could use some inspiration as well:

-- The "I'm Bored" Jar
-- Craft Closet Basics
-- Strategies For Sick And Rainy Days (also good for snow days!)
-- Snow Day Ideas
-- The Craft Closet Concept

That's just a little to get things started.  At our house today, we are most likely to break out some puzzles, games or Legos, peppered with a little minecraft playing and reading.  Yesterday was filled with a lot of coloring, movies and snow watching, so we'll try to mix it up a bit.

Stay warm, everyone.

(Photo via Renato Targa.  Lovely!)

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