Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Best Part Of The Cold Snap

The best part of the cold snap that has hit our area is that my bird feeders are pretty much full nonstop these days.  Which is just fine for all of us.

Well, with the exception of Roxie, our intrepid Westie, who thinks that certain larger species of birds...and evil squirrels...should be barked at on sight.

And then barked at again.

In the frigid air this morning, the birdies have their feathers fluffed out to store some body heat underneath, and they all look like flying chunks.  It's especially hilarious with the tiny little chickadees, because they look so aerodynamically challenged when they expand like this, and watching them hop about with complete agility intact is always a bit of a miracle when viewing it from this side of the glass.

All this to say, winter is coming. 

But cozy and contented?  That's already here.

(Gorgeous photo of an adorable chickadee via Heidi Schuyt.)

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