Thursday, November 21, 2013

Gratitude Is Everything

Today, more than anything, gratitude is taking over.

This morning has been all about sitting still and counting my blessings.  And they are a long, wonderful list, let me tell you.

I woke up exhausted, like I have the last few days, weeks, and months in a row.  More than that, I am weary, worn down by all that cancer has thrown at me this year.

But the moment I start thinking about what is good and wonderful and loving and supportive and just plain awesome in my life, the better I feel.  It just piles up in a shiny stack of goodness and mercy and happiness, one right after the other, until suddenly all the exhaustion melts a little more away and warmth and love and light pull me along to get through whatever next hurdle comes my way.

Whatever I have gone through is nothing compared to what other folks have to deal with every day of their lives.  It is a good thing to remind myself how truly lucky and blessed I am to have such a loving, caring family to wake up to every day of my life.  Somehow, just reminding myself of that, even just a little bit, makes everything better.

So I am here to tell you:  gratitude is everything.

(Photo via Neal Fowler.)

1 comment:

bg said...

Sending all healing, love and light your way, Christy. I am not sure I would find your courage and strength, so I really appreciate your efforts to make the day work for you.

Gratitude is beautiful, and we do all have much to be grateful for.

Hugs to you. Thanks for the post.