Monday, November 18, 2013

Falling Down

The birds are gorging themselves this morning, even though the weather is warmer than it has been and there is no drizzle in sight.  Folks have been predicting a bad winter for weeks, but this is the first time that it feels like that might be right to me.

It is a frenzy to fill up on our feeders of late, so much so that I cannot keep them filled with seeds.

This morning, I feel like hibernating, crawling back into our comfy bed and just sleeping the day away.  But duty calls, with midterm grades to finish along with a trip to the local DMV office to get a new driver's license.

Do you sense my quivering excitement about the DMV?  Oh yeah.  Long lines, here I come.

While I got a lot accomplished this weekend, I still feel like I am running woefully behind on everything.  Guess we'll either catch up at some point, or we'll lag so far we'll just lap ourselves and start over again.

Oh for a House Elf, a la J. K. Rowling, and some magic spells to set everything to rights with a swish and flick...

(Lovely photo via Aftab Uzzaman.)

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