Monday, September 16, 2013

The Little Things

It is funny how the little things begin to add up after a while, isn't it?

Instead of popping a magazine in the recycling bin after I've read it, I tend to put it in a basket or magazine bin for a bit, thinking I will get back to it and go through it more thoroughly later.  My intent is to pull out recipes I want to try or re-read articles that seemed particularly helpful.  But instead, what happens is that the magazines pile up all over the place and require a wholesale clearing out on a much more regular basis than they have been getting.

Because my breast cancer treatment has resulted in me being in the house so much more over the summer and into today, I am noticing the little things like that a lot more.  But I am noticing them at a time when it is hard for me to deal with them outright.

Cancer is teaching me patience and planning on a level I hadn't thought possible.  As we say in our house, it is forced zen.

And what have I learned?  It really is the little things, done daily, that make a world of difference when you actually do them properly.

The question is how to do them properly when you don't really feel like it.  There is something I wish I could answer.

(Photo via Eileen McFall.)

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