Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Searching For Some Blue Sky

It is relentlessly drippy outside again today.  For the umpteenth day in a row, it is drizzly and wet and altogether unfit for outside pursuits, and it begins to feel and smell a lot like a tropical rainforest in our yard.

I long for a patch of blue sky.

Given the dreary nature of the drizzle outside, it isn't a given that we will get any today.  The weather forecast says it is a distinct possibility that things will clear up, but, as we all know, you don't exactly bet the farm on the accuracy of a weather forecast, now do you?

If it is to be an inside the house kinda day, there are a multitude of projects that ought to be calling my name.

"Ought to be" is the operative phrase here, unfortunately, as my get up and go has already gone out chasing a patch of blue sky...

(Photo via Christine Vaufrey.)

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