Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Flights of Fancy

This morning, a tiny little tufted titmouse sat on the rim of our empty bird feeder and told me off for not refilling it.  I clearly have some marching orders for today from the local bird population.

Better get to it.

Still having a rough week (let's just say cancer sucks and leave it at that), so I'm just going to do a link-around to tidbits that have caught my eye.  That's about all I have the energy for this morning:

-- This discussion of what it takes to interview Selena Gomez is a hoot and a half.  Welcome to the wacky world of celebrity handlers and their need to make people run in circles because they can.  (H/T Lainey)

--  This gives me a sudden urge to do mazes.  No.  Just NO.

--  So many books that look intriguing.  Awesome, isn't it?

-- These bookmarks are adorable.  Have to make these with the kids next year for a library treat.  So fun!

--  Found the monster bookmark idea on Pinterest -- am completely addicted, and may end up planning a bazillion lesson plans out of Pinterest ideas alone for next year.  Too fun!

(Photo via Kristi.)

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