Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Lack Of Hummingbirds

The large butterfly bush that is located just outside our sun room windows has not yet burst into bloom.  It is late this year, along with the return of the hummingbirds that usually show up around the same time as the blossoms.

A few weeks ago, The Peanut and I watched a documentary about hummingbirds -- narrated by Sir Richard Attenborough.  (YouTube of an excerpt from BBC can be found here.)   She and I decided to add a couple of hummingbird feeders to the yard, to supplement all of the nectar flowers we already plant each year.

So far, though, no takers.

We have the feeders strategically placed in front of the big windows in our sun room, so we'll be able to see the little hummingbirds as they wing in and out for a sip.  We thought it was a foolproof placement, given how close they are to the butterfly bush and the red blossoms of our rose bushes...but, alas, we have thus far had no little winged jewels drop by for a drink.

Hopefully, as the summer stretches outward, we'll get a few lovely birdies to visit.

Here's hoping, anyway.  Because right now, the empty feeders are a bit of a depressing sight.

(Photo via Larry Meade.)


robin andrea said...

We're having an interesting year for hummingbirds here as well. For the past three summers, I have had to make a quart of nectar everyday for them. This year, I'm refilling the feeders every three or four days, even though they still have plenty of nectar left. I change it because the sugar water needs to be changed that often or it rots. I've noticed that there is a single male hummer that has been keeping all the other birds away. Maybe it's just an off year.

Christy Hardin Smith said...

Robin -- still no hummers here, either. Will be refilling the feeders today, but only because it has been hot and I fear the sugar solution has gone bad in the heat. It certainly isn't because we've had little visitors. Our butterfly bush finally burst into bloom this week, and with the blooms has come a few butterflies. I am hopeful that a hummingbird or two and some more butterflies will follow...but nothing much as yet. It is a really, really odd year for us.