Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sticking Together

It is insanely windy outside this morning, and we have a long next couple of days ahead of us.   My grandmother's funeral will be tomorrow, and we'll be either at the funeral home, church or the cemetery pretty much nonstop for the next two days.

Family sticks together in tough times, thank goodness.  But it doesn't mean it isn't bone wearying to your core.

I'm a little worried about how The Peanut is going to deal with long hours at the funeral home and being accosted by an endless parade of family and friends telling her she's grown a lot since the last time they saw her.  I've packed a bin of coloring books, sketch pads, crayons and colored pencils to take into the funeral home to keep her and other kids busy if need be, but I'm wondering if it will be enough.  So I'm planning on loading a book or two on my kindle just in case.

Right now, I'd give a lot to be back at the beach for a few days, just plodding along the water's edge and soaking in the sound of the pounding, eternal surf against the sand.

Am missing my mama this morning.  Something tells me one purse pack of kleenex will not be enough...

(Photo by Christy Hardin Smith.  All rights reserved.)

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