Monday, October 29, 2012

Stormy Weather

Lena Horne, singing the classic Stormy Weather.  Love it.

You can tell something big is coming in toward us, because the birdies are flocking to the feeder outside our sun room and stuffing themselves this morning.  It has been a steady, constant stream of all the regulars, punctuated by the occasional angry bluejay picking around for peanut pieces after chasing off a squirrel.

Outside, the weather is cool and gray, with a dreary rain steadily falling and beginning to come down harder and faster as Hurricane Sandy's wind and weather bands churn closer to where we are. 

For everyone along the coast, please stay safe and heed evacuation and other warnings. 

We may or may not be in for snow here, which feels a little weird to even contemplate this early in the year, I have to say.  We've gotten snow on Halloween before, but it is really unusual for us.

We definitely have flood warnings and wind advisories for later in the day through the end of tomorrow, so folks in low-lying areas should be careful the next couple of days. 

The mountain areas in West Virginia may get blizzard conditions -- the southern part of the state was already getting ice and snow this morning and the storm is barely grazing us.  Nothing like a stalled cold front running into a wall of hurricane-force winds and stalling out over top of the ski areas, I suppose, but I'm very grateful for our snug home at the moment.

Perfect day to snuggle in under a blanket with a good book.  Am going to try to make some time to do just that after I whittle the "to do" list down a bit.  Hope you get a chance to do the same...


Peterr said...

Rain, ice, snow, high winds, flooding . . . definitely a day (or week) for staying inside and snuggling up in a snug home.

Hope you're doing well, staying warm, and staying dry!

Christy Hardin Smith said...

We are warm and mostly dry here. We had an issue with a couple of shingles yesterday and a bit of a leak as a result -- but with a more than 100 year old house, it happens and you get things fixed and keep moving forward, right? Day off school here today (yay!), so we are snuggled in with a fire going and watching some snow fall.

Hope all is well with you!