Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Snow Dancing

Last night, as The Peanut was heading up to bed, she decided we should do the first "snow dance" of the year and see if we couldn't get school off today.  So she and I danced around the living room, singing a silly little snow song and giggling like crazy people.

Five minutes later school was called off due to flooding issues with Hurricane Sandy.

"Woo hoo!  No school!"  The whoop was hilarious.

I'm fairly certain we'll be doing snow dances for the rest of the winter now, as she is convinced they are magic.

The Peanut happily scampered up to bed to read for 45 glorious minutes before she had to turn her lights out and actually sleep.  The prospect of sleeping in and more reading time in her cozy bed was very nice.

Then, this morning?  We woke up to snow falling down and a load of birds on our feeder.

Not enough snow to wreak havoc on the roads or anything, but just enough to be pretty and make the house and our fireplace seem all the cozier for it.  The photo above is from two winters ago -- it's too warm outside here at the moment for the snow to stick this well and stay...alas.

Unlike the mountain regions of West Virginia, which have been completely hammered with wet snow and are still getting it, according to our local news and weather folks.  Pictures of snow piled up on Halloween pumpkins abound in these parts at the moment.

But the feeling is the same today here nonetheless:  birdies all over the feeder, which already had to be refilled this morning, with more lined up in the red maple awaiting their turn at the seeds.

We're thinking about everyone else who hasn't been so lucky with this hurricane.  Stay safe and as warm as you can.

(Photo by Christy Hardin Smith.)

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