Friday, June 8, 2012

It's The Little Things

This morning is gorgeous.  The sun is shining brightly but the temperature outside is mild and the neighborhood is quiet and peaceful.

School is out for The Peanut and me, so no rushing around this morning, either.  We can stop and savor the moment.

Or, as Roxie the westie points out by example this morning, we can flop right down on the couch and take an instant nap after having played with her wee girlie and a bouncing ball.

If she could talk in human language, she'd like all the world to know that naps are awesome.   Second only to naps that get to be taken while mostly on top of someone's lap just after having a treat.

She is completely spoiled.  Why do you ask?

Life is good here today.  I hope it is where you are as well.  And I hope you have a moment to soak it in and revel in it if so.  Because it really is the little things.

(Gorgeous photo via Yoko ❥ (Paulina).  The shadow contrasting with the light through these gingko leaves is just perfect -- love this!)

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