Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Peek Behind the Palace Walls

As Queen Elizabeth's 60 year anniversary on the throne occurs this summer -- her Diamond Jubilee -- the royal family have truly made themselves available to media on all sides of the pond in an unprecedented way.  I mean, honestly, William and Harry sat down with Katie Couric on ABC to talk about their granny -- who could have seen that coming 25 years ago when the Royal family used to keep the public far beyond arms length?

It has been an interesting study in a much improved PR machine within Buckingham Palace in a lot of ways.  But what I've enjoyed most seeing various and sundry royals in display has been the glimpses of real life behind all the publicly staged masks that you usually glimpse.

My favorite little discovery is that the Queen had a "Wendy house," as Princess Beatrice so charmingly calls it, as a child that has just recently been refurbished.  It is adorable!  Originally a gift from the people of Wales to then Princess Elizabeth not long after her father ascended the throne, it has been a playhouse to children in the royal family ever since.

Just watch the video of the tour of it and tell me you don't want one in your own back yard.

The thought of Queen Elizabeth going out to the Wendy house to have pretend tea with her grandchildren and teddy bears tickles me for some reason. 

It's nice to know that something so normal and fun exists in her world, too.

I like to picture her in a feather boa along with a little tiara, giggling like mad over scones and tea with the royal kiddos at some point.  For some reason, that just makes me smile.

YouTube above from the BBC production of "The Diamond Queen."  The part about the playhouse begins at abut the 4:00 minute mark...

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