Monday, April 16, 2012

It Really Is The Little Things

Some days, you are just happy to wake up on the right side of the dirt.  Today is one of those days.

The Peanut is ill.  I have to race to grab a shower and then run her over to see the pediatrician this morning.

We're still unpacking from vacation because I spent most of the day yesterday covered in wee girlie, whose fever kept spiking and then going down well with tylenol until it was time for the next dose and up it went again.   As moms frequently to do at times like this, I was up and down last night checking on the fever and jumpy at every sound just in case the barfing kicked in at some point.

This morning?  I'm grateful for coffee.  And the fact that the barfing has not kicked in thus far.

Just a reminder for us all:  it really is the little things.

(Gorgeous photo via Steve took it.  This shot is just lovely -- the macro perspective is wonderfully done.  Perfect capture!)

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