Sunday, April 15, 2012

Back On The Nutrition Wagon

After a week of eating out while we were in Pittsburgh, I realized something:  I make horrible food choices in restaurants.  Somehow, I rationalize that "I'm on vacation" and then manage to pick out the fattiest, most decadent menu item to consume.

Or at least it sure feels that way on the back end of the trip when my entire system is craving nothing but fresh veggies and fruits as if it has endured a starvation diet for eons.

Even picking a salad here and there doesn't seem to have made things better this trip.  How do people who have to travel a lot for business manage to stay the least bit healthy?

Although, I have to say, the breakfast buffet at our hotel was really nice, with fresh fruit, steel cut oatmeal, eggs cooked to order and some other options that at least started the day well.

As with all things, though, it is what you do most of the time that matters, right?  So I'm back on the good nutrition wagon as of this morning. 

I'm planning to start the day with one egg and two egg whites beaten together and scrambled with some spinach, onion, chopped tomato and a sprinkle of goat cheese.  Yummm!  Mr. ReddHedd may get some mushrooms in his as well (none for me, thanks, I can't get past the texture for some reason).

One of my big goals is to get more leafy greens into my life, and I think beginning the day with them just makes sure they are in there somewhere.

I'm sensing that salads and soup are going to play a role in our meals for the next few days, too -- I feel the need to scrub out the ick, so to speak, with some healthy, fibery goodness.  I think my entire body could use a bit of a reboot, so it will be clean, whole foods and a lot of water over the next few days to get myself back on track.  We're going to start this with a very South Beach Diet approach -- no starchy carbs and definitely no overly processed crapola -- but lots and lots of fresh veggies wherever they can be squeezed onto the menu.

What are you doing for yourself this Spring to get back on the nutrition wagon?  Do tell.

(Photo via nickwallen.)

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