Monday, March 26, 2012


The warmer weather continues here this morning, although a wee bit cooler than last week after a low front moved in along with some rain yesterday.

We've already started seeing some butterflies in the yard.  Everything is hatching out way earlier this year than I have ever seen it.  It has been next to impossible to try to plan clothes for the day, let alone when to plant anything in the garden.

Our usual frost free date is early May, but I'm tempted to try planting a little earlier this year with my "cool" weather crops just to get a little lettuce in the ground before it gets too warm.

This time of year, you never can tell.

But the trees have begun to peek out the green of their leaves and I'm grateful for the color against the brown, spare branches of winter.

As I watch the robins tiptoe around the yard in search of easy tidbits this morning, I'm soaking in the sunshine peeking through the clouds and spilling over into our sunroom.  It's feeling a little weak at the moment, but the bit of warmth is welcome on my skin as a hedge against the chill that is lingering this morning.

Occasionally, you just get a little reminder of how good life truly is.

And in this moment?  I've decided to sit still and soak it in with everything I have.  Find that moment for yourself today.

(Photo by Christy Hardin Smith.)

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