Saturday, March 10, 2012

Spring Fling: A Peek At My Flowers

It is a gorgeous day here, with lots of sunshine and a slight breeze.  Just perfect for taking a few photographs of the flowers in our yard.

The lighting was luring me outside, and I could not resist its siren call.

Thought I'd share a few snapshots of the gorgeous flowers that erupted in our yard this week.  Bringing a little bit of spring to your house from ours.

These little violas, or Johnny Jump Ups as my granny called them, have sprung up around our yard everywhere.  Including out of the stone in our retaining wall out front.

The Peanut talked me into buying a tiny little four-pack of these perennials at the garden center a few years ago -- and they have re-seeded themselves all over our yard and half the neighborhood.  They are absolutely lovely in the spring...but be forewarned that they seed themselves with a vengeance and can become invasive. 

Here's another shot of the pretty little flowers:

We have some gorgeous butter-yellow daffodils that come up faithfully every year out front.  I planted these bulbs the very first year that we moved into our house and they are absolutely gorgeous.  This year, I'll have to divide my clumps and replant the bulbs because they have gotten so thick -- if you don't do this every few years with daffodils, they begin to stop flowering and these are too pretty to lose.

Here are a few more shots of them:

(All photographs by Christy Hardin Smith.  I retain copyright of my images.  These were taken using my Canon EOS Rebel T2i, using an 18-135 mm lens.  Have I mentioned how much I love my camera?  All photos can be viewed in larger sizes or using a blackbox viewing option at my flickr page.  The macro detail is a lot more obvious that way, and I highly recommend taking a peek there for that reason.)

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