Monday, March 12, 2012

Hooray! Ladylike Is Back In Vogue!

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Spring flowers are beginning to pop up all over our yard and the neighborhood, including the little johnny jump-ups growing out of our stone retaining wall.  They certainly are freshening up the place, and I'm feeling the need to refresh my look as well as the weather warms and my thoughts turn to sunshine and sunny colors.

I was reading through Maegan Tintari's post on Spring fashion trends this morning trying to see what I could throw together in my sorry old closet to revive my look and...whammo!...I realized my usual style choices are out of the fashion forward dog house and somehow back in vogue again!

Woo hoo!

Is there nothing better than discovering your favorite pieces can be reworked into something fresh for the coming season?   Especially when it will cost very little, adding a scarf with a fresh print here or some color-blocked shoes or a more modern printed top underneath.

This is why I tend to stick to classic pieces for my wardrobe -- a bold scarf or modern-cut chunky necklace, and the classic navy blazer looks fresh every time.  It pays to buy something well made on the front end because it can last you for years and still look lovely.

As Maegan says, "ladylike" fashions are very fresh for this season's runways.  What that says to me is that a lot of fashion mavens are watching Downton Abbey.

For me?  I think I may be wearing more skirts and dresses.  I almost always default to pants, as teaching younger kids in the library requires me to kneel down quite a bit to help some of the wee ones choose a book.  It can be done in a skirt, but it has to be very carefully, so trousers are almost always my work wear of choice for very practical reasons.

What that means, though, for the rest of my week is that I get into a jeans and slacks run and never really bust out of it.  So I'm going to consciously try to wear a few more skirts and dresses in the mix.

Color, though, will be the number one thing.  At the start of Spring, before all the leaves and flowers have truly begun to pop out, I am craving bright colors.  So you'll be seeing me in a lot of lovely, blooming scarves.  I love the look of a bright scarf popping off a solid-colored three-quarter length  knit top or sweater in a nice turquoise or green.

I've gotten a lot of my lovelier scarves at our local Target or Marshall's stores for less than $10 each.  You can't beat that as an outfit refresher with some basic pieces you've had in your closet for ages, now can you?

For me?  A bright, cheery, colorful scarf really does say spring.  Think I'll pick out something cheery and pop it on for today. 

(Photo by Christy Hardin Smith.)

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Pinkie said...

I wish I liked to wear dresses more but maybe now that shirtdresses are back in style, I can find one of those I like. I never know what to do with a scarf. LOL It usually ends up tied to my purse.