Thursday, June 23, 2011

Library Lady

I have a little news: I'm going to be the librarian once a week -- on Wednesdays -- next school year at The Peanut's elementary school.  Turns out all the work I've been putting in to organizing the library has turned into a gig with the kids.

I'm excited.

Since the start of the work, I've been trying to compile a list of books we need and things that would be good for the collection and the teacher.  Turns out that I've been compiling that list for myself to implement -- which is kind of a kick.

I've already been using my little bits of blog money to buy books for school anyway -- and now that I know how tiny (as in nonexistent) the budget is, I'm glad I was already doing that.  So I have a feeling The Peanut and I will be hitting a few yard sales this summer to see if we can fill out the volumes of Harry Potter that are missing, and pick up any other "in good shape and well worth reading" bargains, too.  And after that?  There will be a book drive in the works, I'm certain.

If anyone has had success in working on a book drive for school, please chime in and tell me what you did that worked well -- and almost as importantly, what did not work well at all.  I'd love to hear thoughts and ideas.

I've been lucky in that a lot of the groundwork on organization was laid in the last few years with other parents who had done a lot of work.  Unfortunately, a lot of it got really jumbled in all the move-around that had to be done when the roof started leaking and during all the subsequent repairs, but what did get salvaged was really, really helpful.  I'm trying to build on that foundation going forward, and improve where I can to make the library a place the kids really want to spend time -- and love reading.

Should be fun.

PS -- Yes, as I got asked in an e-mail a few minutes ago -- suddenly the library-related items on my Amazon wishlist on the blog do make a lot more sense.  lol  

(YouTube above:  "Marian the Librarian" from The Music Man, with Shirley Jones and Robert Preston.)


egregious said...


Christy Hardin Smith said...

Thanks -- I'm really excited. Have been pleasantly surprised at how many teaching materials and lesson ideas are available online, too. It's been fun starting the planning process on this, and I really hope that I can make it fun for the kids next year.

JanedV said...

This is simply wonderful all around! Have been following your library work with avid interest. Tough time here lately and reading your posts has been a solace.

I have some "classic" elementary book lists from my daughter's K-8 days. Just let me know if they would be helpful to you.

Maureen said...

Hi Christy...Amazon has "used" books for kids at really low prices. I have bought them for my grandsons and they love them. Is there an organization in your area called "Got Books"? They take any donated books and resell them in their store fronts. They even have containers around the towns and maybe schools for donations.
In the past few years they have become very successful. They not only have kids books, but books for all ages and most are in good shape. I have purchased almost new ones for the kids and keep them here for something for them to look at or read...or me read to them. Do a google search for the Got Books stores as I am not sure if they have gone national. I also know they do a wholesale side and maybe you could tap into that. Not sure how it is the URL: I am afraid this might just be a local company, but there could be something like it in W. VA. I think it is great that you are working in the Library..I worked in my kids school, St. Joseph's, when they were there. I was the secretary to the Principal and loved it, plus was able to know what the kids were doing. I did it on a part time basis and enjoyed every minute. Now some 20+years later, the principal and I are still friends and see each other, along with a couple of the teachers, two or three times a year. Great fun!! Let me know how you make out!
Maureen Maloney