Thursday, June 30, 2011

In Search Of Science

The Peanut is a puzzle, but an awfully fun one.  She loves anything artsy -- creating something new in her own style is a blast for her, especially if it is bright and colorful and pops off the page.

But she also loves math and science, anything that allows her a glimpse at how things work on the inside, or how they are put together in some way.

Mr. ReddHedd and I have joked since she was tiny that we have an engineer on our hands, or maybe a Disney Imagineer when you add in the artistic aesthetic to the mix. 

But at the ripe old age of 8, we struggle to find ways to incorporate science, math and art into the day to day for her so she can keep pushing herself forward...but not to push her too hard because we want her to choose her path, not choose what she thinks we want from her.  It's a fine parenting line sometimes, isn't it?

In any case, this weekend, we're planning a couple of days away so we can find some science-related fun somewhere.  We've all been working our rear ends off this summer -- me in the library, Mr. ReddHedd at work, and The Peanut just needs some downtime with both of us because we've been far too busy to just veg with her this summer.

We have some ideas of things we'll try and do:  maybe the Pittsburgh Zoo, maybe the Carnegie Natural History Museum or the Science Center, maybe something else entirely.   The Peanut has been pestering me to find her a "science camp" that she could do like the Art Camp she attended earlier in the summer, but I'm having trouble finding anything like that anywhere near us for kids her age.  So we're going to try and have a "science camp" weekend of our own instead.

Whatever it is we end up doing, it has to be something completely fun because we could all use it.   And relaxing.  And full of science potential.  Did I mention relaxing?

While I spent some time thinking about possibilities yesterday and today, it occurred to me that some of you may have had similar issues with your own kids:  kids at this age can be so bright, fun, and eager to learn, so what did you do to channel that with your kiddos?  What did you not do that you wish you had?  What did you do that you wish you had never done?  Do tell, please!

(Photo by Christy Hardin Smith.  This is The Peanut on our last trip to Disney World, after her face painting fun while we are waiting in line to ride Dinosaur! in the Animal Kingdom.  She couldn't resist a pix with the giant T-Rex head.  LOL)

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