Monday, June 27, 2011

A Hefty Helping Of Thanks!

Several of you -- and you know who you are, you book-loving darlings -- rock my world.

Over the past few days since I made my little library announcement, books have appeared on our doorstep as if by magic.  Several have been books that I have on the Amazon wish list on the blog, but a lot have been childhood favorites of your kids that you sent along for the kids at The Peanut's school to enjoy.

Please don't misunderstand, I don't say this to beg or to cajole people into buying books for the library.  This isn't some sort of coercive bleg, because I know all too well how much so many folks are struggling to make ends meet.

What is it?  A sense of shared community and gratitude that we all sort of reach out to each other once in a while and of how wonderful that really can be when it happens.

Family isn't just what you are born into when you arrive in this world.  It's also the shared groups that you collect along your own paths that mirror your hopes and your dreams for something better, and hold you up when you stumble or doubt so that you can continue to see the light at the end of some very dark tunnels along the way. 

Sometimes, it really feels like I'm writing these words out into a void.  Especially because the comments can be sparse thanks to the wonkiness of the google/blogger comments system and my inability to find anything that has worked any better here (my tech limitations are astonishingly sad sometimes).

So when there is an outpouring of this sort of kindness?  It really does make me stop and sniffle in gratitude.  So thank you, one and all, for all the kindnesses.  You all rock.

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