Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Favorite Children's Books?

Since I've been all library, alla time lately, I thought I might pick everyone's brains for their favorite reads from childhood.

And not just your own, but the ones your kids are reading and loving, too.

For me?  It was Laura Ingalls Wilder, Tolkien, and a whole lot of Ann McCaffrey for a big chunk of my younger reading life.  But also about a bazillion others, including Trixie Belden (a sassier version of Nancy Drew, I always thought), The Secret Garden, Mandy, and a whole host of others.

What was perpetually on your childhood bookshelf?  Do tell...

(Gorgeous photo of a Cleopatra butterfly via ferran pestaƱa.)

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Sharon said...

I was, and am, a fan of all things Dr. Seuss. I also loved fairy tales which I found out later were the cleaned up versions of those penned by the Brothers Grimm. I was into the Nancy Drew mysteries and was even more intrigued by the Dana Girls, sisters who solved similar mysteries while living at a boarding school. And I, weirdly enough, liked science books, especially those that showed the inside of anything, whether an onion or a frog or whatever.

I ditto your recommendations of The Secret Garden and Tolkien!