Saturday, May 28, 2011


We had several ancient flowering plum shrubs get hammered by the freeze and thaw cycles this past winter.

Two barely leafed out and flowered this year, and the other two?  Dead as a doornail, as Scrooge might pithily put it.

This past week, I had our yard guy take them all out and then planted some double blooming red Knockout roses in their place.  They are tiny little plants this year, but next year will begin to form a lovely scented hedge in front of our sunroom windows.

This morning I have those windows open to let in some nice, cool, fresh air.  And the scent of tea roses is wafting in to perfume the room lightly with their beauty.

I need to get one more to plant on the corner of the flower bed, but otherwise they are absolutely gorgeous.  And because they are re-blooming roses that are fairly maintenance free?  I get to enjoy them all summer long instead of having to work really hard to only get a bloom or two.

Just enjoying the lovely day here today, sipping my coffee and waiting for Mr. ReddHedd to wake up so we can go out and find an adventure.   The Peanut is at grandma's this weekend, and the house is unnaturally quiet as a result.  I'm enjoying it and unnerved by it at the same time.

Hope your day is a good one.

(Lovely rose shot via photomason.  This is exactly the rose that I chose for our house as well.)

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