Sunday, May 29, 2011

Heat Wave

It is seriously hot outside.  The sort of humid sweltering nastiness that makes you instantly bead with sweat by just walking out the front door with the doggies first thing in the morning.

I've managed to get my bird feeders refilled, making small winged creatures in the neighborhood very happy indeed.

And to water my flowerpots on the front porch.  They were looking rather thirsty and I thought it was a good idea to give them a nice, big drink before the midday scorching begins.

Beyond that, though?  My plan for the day is to stay in the air conditioning and rest my weary self.

Two straight weeks of library slog has worn me out.  But this coming week will be all organization and re-shelving now that all of the books are out of the old library room.  We'll see if that is as exhausting as the setting up and moving has been.

Hope things are less scorching where you are today.  The verge in the photo above called to me with a sort of cool, inviting splendor.  Enjoy the thought...and pass me another iced lemonade, would you?

(Photo via ★☆Pixie Led☆★. Gorgeous scenery.)

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