Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Off To Slay More Library Dragons

It took me all day yesterday, but I got three entire bookshelves put together, two more that were already in the room arranged, and a couple of wee wall art decals put up to test how the color would pop.

What I've gotten done thus far?  Looks lovely.

But I have miles and miles to go.  The new shelves are incredibly solid steel, and they have a lot of parts that have to all fit together like working on a giant erector set.  But once they are set up?  They are so wonderful.

Just finishing my last few sips of coffee and then it is out to door to The Peanut's school again to work on setting up their new library space.

I'm exhausted, but enjoying myself immensely.  How often do you get to wake up and say that in life, right?

Clearly this is a good thing for me right now.  And I'm just going to enjoy it.

(Children's tale illustration via litlnemo.)

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