Thursday, May 5, 2011

My New TeeVee Addiction: The Judds

I'm addicted to the new documentary-style show that The Judds are doing on Oprah Winfrey's new OWN network.

Maybe it is because I loved a lot of their songs growing up (YouTube), and remember watching them perform on the Grammys and CMAs and loving their sassy redheaded spitfire attitudes (YouTube).  (We redheads do have our own way about us, don't we?)  Or maybe it is because I come from similar hillbilly stock.

But it is like watching all my own family secrets spill forward in some episodes, and a little like television therapy in other instances.

Whatever the reason, I'm riveted by this show, even when it is so painful that I'm sobbing into my cuppa coffee as I watched this week's episode from Tivo.

Granted, we're going through yet another family health crisis at the moment -- this time with my father-in-law barely clinging to life at the moment -- so my emotions are pretty raw and at the surface right now.  Family is such an important and powerful force in our lives, isn't it?  Watching The Judds try to make sense of themselves helps me think about untangling my own past as well.

Anyone else watching it and having the same reaction?  Do tell...

Interviews with The Judds here and here(Both links are YouTubes.)  A serious hoot.

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