Saturday, May 14, 2011

Climbing The Mountains

It's probably the barrage of devastating losses we've experienced of late, but I've been having this overwhelming desire to travel.

Pretty much anywhere, really, but just somewhere that I could dump my troubles out of my rucksack and get my mind off the rest of the world for a while.

Alas, that sort of travel doesn't happen easily.  Nor does it happen without fundage, time and planning, all of which I'm not willing to expend at the moment under the present circumstances.

So I've been making do -- rather well, actually, because it includes laughs and gorgeous scenery -- with the Michael Palin BBC travel series "Himalaya."

As you might expect from a former member of Monty Python, the wit peeks through regularly. But with Palin, so does his humanity, and his cheeky curiosity that pulls you along for the ride with him.

The fact that he's a train lover doesn't hurt, either.  I love his travel shows for that reason alone.

But I'm feeling the need for more escapism, so I'm asking all of you:  what are your comfort shows?  Any particular travel shows or reading that you love?  Do tell...

(Photo of Nepal via ReSurge International.  I loved the bird silhouette in this shot.)

Excerpt from the first segment of Palin's Himalaya -- he takes a ride through the Hindu Kush, through the Khyber Pass. Fascinating stuff.

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