Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Nature Of Saturday

All of my perennials have shot through the mulch in the last week while I've been toiling away on costumes and make-up for The Peanut's school play.

I've missed the initial shoots of green this year, coming home to see everything already up and growing.

Today, I'd hoped to get out in the yard to do a bit of weeding and trimming, but the weather is not cooperating in the least.  Clouds are scudding quickly across the sky, as if they are racing to drop more rain on the land below.  The wind is pretty brisk, too, which makes my idea of raking up a couple of bare patches in the yard and strewing seed a lot less likely as well.

Conditions can change, I suppose, but today feels like a stay in and read some gardening books with a hot cuppa coffee day to me. 

So vicarious gardening it will be, as soon as I at least fill my bird feeders...if I can get out there before the next downpour begins, that is...

Enjoy your Saturday.

(Gorgeous shot via joan vicent.  This is just lovely.)

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